Company overview

Renaissance Planning limited is a registered Company limited by Shares under the Laws of Kenya CAP 486. It is a physical planning, digital topographical mapping/surveying and environmental management consultancy firm. The firm’s key personnel are registered by their relevant professional bodies and regulating authorities which include; Physical Planners Registration Board, the Kenya Institute of Planners and Architectural Association of Kenya-Town Planning Chapter, Institute of Surveyors of Kenya, Environment Institute of Kenya (EIK) etc. The company is duly registered by the Registrar of Companies, Commissioner of VAT among other Government agencies. The management is structured in such a way that there is board of Directors, top management, departmental and sections heads and a pool of professionals who carry out technical assignments.

Renaissance Planning Limited continues to offer exemplary services to a wide range of clientele in Kenya, making it possible for investors to get the best value from their projects

We are a reputable firm in:

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Preparation and processing of Development Applications such as:
    -Site/Institutional/Master Planning
    – Land Sub-division
    – Change of Use
    – Extension of Use
    – Processing of ownership documents (lease certificates and tittle deeds)
    – Renewal and Extension of Leases
    – Advertisements
    – Urban renewal/redevelopment plans
  •  Environmental Management: (Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Audit (EA) and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA))
  • Physical Planning: (Urban and Regional Planning GIS based Integrated Strategic Planning, Zoning/Advisory Planning and Subject (sector) Planning),
  • Digital Topographical Mapping of natural and man-made features (which aid site/master planning.
  • Surveying: (demarcation of plots/land parcels).

Our Strength is in Our People

The firm has a pool of diverse expertise with a strong countrywide network. It is composed of technical personnel with both advanced knowledge and extensive experience consisting of Physical Planners, Land Surveyors, Environmentalists, GIS experts, Architects, Economists, Sociologists, Engineers, Valuers and Infrastructure Experts.