Spatial Urban and Regional/County/Sub-County Integrated Strategic Development Planning

Spatial planning involves the organization of various land uses and their distribution for human activities and settlements.
The Spatial Planning department of the firm specializes in provision of physical planning services that seeks to achieve optimal land use while ensuring the availability of infrastructure and services with the appropriate framework to encourage and support service providers and investors. The spatial planning is also aimed at ensuring harmonious development.
This department has the necessary technical skills and capacity to provide consultancy services throughout Kenya in the following fields:

  • Integrated Strategic Urban Plans
  • County Spatial plans
  • Preparation of Master Plans/ Site plans
  • Preparation and processing of Development Applications such as
    – Renewals and Extensions of Leases
    – Change of Use
    – Extension of Use
  • Subdivision of land
  • County integrated development plans
  • Sub- County Integrated Development Plans
  • Development sectoral plans
  • County Integrated Strategic Regional Plans
  • Sub-County Integrated Strategic Regional Plans